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The Secrets of Pain Relief: Natural Remedies That Will End Your Suffering

Luis Aliaga


“An excellent resource of good, solid information.” —American Herb Association Quarterly

Pain is a part of life. It interferes with our plans, threatens our state of being, and affects our relationships with others. Since antiquity, people have searched for remedies to mitigate and prevent pain. Even now, in 2016, one of modern medicine’s greatest challenges is treating chronic pain. Despite great advances in this field, it is still considered a major health problem.

Most people will suffer pain at some point from common problems, injuries, or illnesses, which will affect their ability to perform routine activities as well as their long-term health. Many patients are not completely alleviated by the usual treatments they receive. With that in mind, this practical guide clearly and effectively addresses topics such as:

How pain functions
How to alleviate chronic pain
Alternative therapies for pain relief
Habits that can prevent pain
Natural solutions for common pains
Benefits and side effects of common pain relief drugs
This guide will walk you through detailed descriptions of a variety of painful conditions, from headaches and stomachaches to phantom limb and neurological issues. You will also learn about a wide range of therapies and treatments for these conditions, including massage, yoga, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, diet, and herbal remedies, among others.

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Skyhorse Publishing

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July 19, 2016

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About the Author
Dr. Luis Aliaga is coordinator of the Pain Clinic at the Quirón Teknon Hospital. He is a specialized anesthesiologist of pain with more than thirty years of experience as a medical doctor. In addition, he was codirector and professor of the master’s program in pain management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1991–1999) as well as editor of the Spanish medical journal Dolor. He has published several reference books in Spanish, including Tratameinto del Dolor and Teoría y práctica y Técnicas Intervencionistas en el Tratamiento del Dolor.


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