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Medicinal Plants at Home:

Mária Tránsito López Luengo and Carlota Máñez


Discover how to grow medicinal plants and create natural remedies right in your own home.

Although more and more people use medicinal plants, many are still unaware of those that are usually present in their own homes. For example, did you know that cranberries are effective in treating bladder problems, that olive helps regulate blood pressure, or that hops promote sleep in children?

In Medicinal Plants at Home, you will find a selection of plants from which you can create natural remedies for every occasion. Learn how to grow and use these medicinal plants, and discover what they can do to boost your family’s health. More than one hundred types of natural plants are presented in this book, grouped by the conditions that they most effectively treat. You will also discover:

Essential remedies to have while traveling
The most useful plants and spices to have in the kitchen
The best plants for respiratory, digestive, tension-related, circulatory, and hepatic concerns

With more than 350 color images, Medicinal Plants at Home is an essential resource for those looking to grow medicinal plants and create their own natural remedies.

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Skyhorse Publishing

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November 10, 2015

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About the Author

María Tránsito López Luengo is a pharmacologist, dietitian, and herbal medicine expert. She has published several articles and books on medicinal plants and natural nutrition. She lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Carlota Máñez Arisó is a journalist and certified dietitian and nutritionist. She has edited and collaborated on numerous books and articles about health and personal well-being. She lives in Barcelona, Spain.


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